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Pruning Your Trees

Importance of a  Reliable Tree Service

In the wild, trees have all the freedom to grow wherever and however they want. They can all spread their branches out as much as they want, letting nature handle the weak and old limbs to have them fall naturally. However, residential trees in our lawns and streets don’t have that freedom. And for a very good reason. You must hire a reliable tree service to regularly remove or trim trees so they don’t become a safety risk. Of course, they prune and trim the trees in ways that will make it look natural. So what’s pruning or trimming?


Pruning or trimming is when you trim pre-selected branches of a tree. The point is to cut-off unwanted and dangerous branches. This can encourage the growth of newer branches, also improving the structure of the tree. So the best way to care for your trees is by regularly taking care of them. Also done to keep the safety and aesthetic of your trees in the property. Also, when you prune or trim your trees, it can actually prevent potential damage from falling or fallen branches. This also gives it a more polished look that can enhance your landscape and pruned trees won’t hang over your roof or power lines – quite dangerous if left like that.

When to Prune

Trees grow at different rates, so pruning or trimming time will also vary. Normally, you can do it every four to five years is ideal. Pruning trees in your lawn or yard keeps them healthy and strong. And most importantly, trimming or pruning can make your trees safe and let them grow so green and beautiful.

Hire a professional to do some needed TLC for your trees in Newport News, VA. Alvarez Tree Service is a professional that delivers quality and reliable tree service. Call (757) 800-9250 for more details.

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