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Three Signs That Your Trees Need to Be Removed

When to Call a Tree Removal Service?

You can’t only find trees in the forest because some can be seen in your property. Once you planted trees in your yard, make sure they receive proper care and maintenance. Proper maintenance is the only way to keep your trees healthy and in good shape. That’s why trimming your trees regularly is important. Make sure to hire pros to do the job for you. But if your trees suffer health problems, it would be better if you call the tree removal service of the professionals.

Read on to know some signs that remind you to remove your trees.


After a strong storm and other harsh weather conditions, there are expected fallen trees on the ground. Some block your driveways and walkways. In this scenario, it is important to have them removed right away. Of course, you can’t remove those fallen trees if you aren’t equipped and experienced. So, don’t forget to hire a professional tree removal service provider for fast and effective work.

Diseased and Dying

If you aren’t a tree expert, you don’t know how to differentiate a diseased tree to a dying one. You should get in touch with highly trained and skilled tree contractors because they know how to handle diseased and dying trees. Usually, pros perform a treatment and observation towards a diseased tree. But if it is infectious and incurable, tree experts undergo a removal procedure right away.

Near Your House

When some of your trees are too near your house, they should be removed. Why? They might cause great damage to some parts of your house like the roof and siding. Also, the tree roots might be the reason why your concrete and tile flooring are cracking. So, call experts to eliminate those trees to prevent causing damage to your property.

If you have tree problems in Newport News, VA, don’t forget to rely on a reliable tree removal service provider like Alvarez Tree Service. For inquiries and information, give us a call at (757) 800-9250 now.

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